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Salut, Bonjour and all that jazz!

Yesterday was my first official travel day of the season and after a not so glamorous 3am a alarm it turned out to be a not so bad day. I packed my rental car up and hit the road to drive to Alicante airport to make my flight at 7am. I was particularly excited when I walked through security to find heaven on the other side – Starbucks!! I ordered my fix and chilled out until take off. I had a brief stop over in Barcelona before we made it to Nice around mid day. I picked up our rather “mini”rental car and waited for my partner in crime to arrive from Dublin. Getting two sets of clubs, two suitcases and two people in a VW Up was quite an achievement. This week, Danielle and I are renting an apartment in the mountains with two other players, Laura and Lucy. This is one of my favourite ways of spending a golf trip because you can make a home away from home. There is always a bit of banter in the house and I just feel more relaxed than if I were boxed in a hotel room (It also means we have the freedom to avoid the staple British diet while in France of croissants and ham and cheese baguettes)

This week the villa is especially “NICE” and has a spectacular view over a little French town and is only a short drive from the course. Yesterday evening was just spent catching up with the girls and settling in for what is going to be an exciting week. I am very much looking forward to starting the LET Access series this year and improving from 2012. I was sad to leave Spain yesterday as that has been my home for the last 6 weeks but I know everyone who has supported me in my winter/pre-season training is wishing me well for these next couple of weeks and I can always head back in April if it continues to snow in Scotland!! I would just like to thank Scott and Sonia once again for all they have done for me, welcoming me into their family and looking after me for the last few weeks. It really gives me a great opportunity to kick start my year and play way more than if I stayed in Carnoustie until now.

Well I woke up early today, probably from the early start yesterday and a little pre tournament nerves (never a bad thing) so I am going to make use of my time and prepare for my practice round today and I will be sure to blog again later in the week with my progress.

Cheers for reading if you have and I shall be in touch..


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