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London for one night only

Well it’s 22:35 and I am currently cruising at 35000ft, legs stretched out in an exit row pondering my first tournament of the season. British Airways is certainly a treat after my last flight on Vueling. It’s rather nice not to have to the person behind me breathing down my neck.

Unfortunately my first event didn’t go exactly to plan. I missed the final day cut by a stroke after a poor finish in the second round. Such is life and obviously there isn’t any point dwelling on that fact. It’s more of the case what can I do differently next time to avoid the disappointment I felt on Friday. I felt like I prepared well and did my homework for the week. I decided to set myself some goals which weren’t related to my score. I want to improve my state of mind on the course this year and try not to get ratty or angry with myself as I know I am merely wasting energy I could use later in the tournament or for that crucial winning putt. I’ve started reading “The Chimp Paradox” which is all about controlling your inner chimp. Basically we all have one but some people’s chimp is a lot more out there than others. I can honestly say this week I kept him in my back pocket and although there could have been several opportunities for him to appear, I just took an extra second and composed myself. Everyone is gonna hit poor shots but its how you choose to react to them that will influence the rest of your round. I also started to note down a couple of instances where I reacted well to a bad shot and hit a good recovery. Again this is all personal to me and might not work for everyone but its something I have decided to focus on and hopefully as the rounds go on I will get better and better at controlling my emotions and thus improving my scores.

I can’t pin point any particular shot that cost me the final round this week but I did experience some nerves when I had three holes to go on the second round. I had been in cruise control with 9 straight pars on the front 9 and a birdie and a bogey up to the 15th hole. On the 16th tee I started to think about the cut line and almost just parring my way in to make the cut. Up until then I had been focusing on one shot at a time and not getting ahead of mysel. But for some reason my mind wandered and it cost me. This is something else I want to improve this season, learning to stay in the moment. All I can do is play the shot in front of me and if goes how I see it then great and if not then I go through my routine again and try to hit the next shot.

These are just a couple of thoughts I have captured from my first event back and I have had a day to come to terms with the fact that I played really solid for the most part and putted rather well on what were very tricky greens. It just wasn’t my week and all I can do is show up next week in Morocco and try again. I leave tomorrow for my first ever LET event and I can’t actually describe in words how EXCITED I am. I guess I could compare it to Santa coming on Christmas Eve but even then I don’t think that does it any justice. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and will give it my all.

Well I hope I have given you a little insight into my first week back and I shall continue to keep you updated as I go.

Thanks for taking the time to share my experience of Terre Blanche.



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