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“Finding the right production team allows me to direct my own show”

I haven’t had much time in Scotland these past few months so this last weekend was something I had been looking forward to for a while. It was my Mums Xxth birthday and my brother and I surprised her with tickets to see The Lion King at the Edinburgh Playhouse on the Saturday. I had heard how good the reviews were and it was something I had always wanted to see so when the opportunity arose to go there was no way I wasn’t going as Mums plus one!

It was my first ever theatre production and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. It was quite the spectacle. There are a couple of things which have I witnessed that have given me the sensation of “hairs on the back of your neck standing up” (national anthem at my first Hampden game being numero uno) but this was a close second. The whole way through I was just in awe. I don’t know if it was more enjoyable because it was one of my favourite childhood films but regardless it kept me captivated for the entire show.

I didn’t realise how much effort went into a production, especially this one. It must have taken hours upon hours to stage, direct, learn and put together. What really caught my attention was in theatre the show is dependent on everything/one fitting and working together. If one part or actor is out then it has an effect on the entire show. This is something which I can relate back to my own life and golf game. Last week in Spain, I had to withdraw before I started my second round. I had a sharp shooting pain in my chest that wouldn’t subside and when hitting balls it felt like someone was stabbing me! Making the decision not to play was rather tough mentally but I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. I had bigger things on the horizon that I needed to be fit for and I knew a week of treatment should stand me in good stead for the last event of the season and Tour School. After a number of treatments from the on site physio and a session with my new Osteopath/Psychologist/Life Coach (Craig) I realised that this was something I have to be much more conscious of. My body is my “ferrari” and I have to look after it otherwise no matter how many hours I put in on the range or on the putting green, it will all be wasted.
I had had quite a demanding week of traveling prior to the event in Spain, lots of planes, driving and generally being fatigued. I definitely didn’t put the work into ensuring my Ferrari was as best looked after as it could be. During my session with Craig we talked about how I could be much more professional in several areas that would not only help with my golf game but overall make sure I was in the best condition I could be. One of these areas is creating a ritual for myself so that before every time I play I have a routine that helps get me into my zone. I won’t give away too many secrets but it now involves a stretching routine to help warm my body/muscles correctly which should help prevent future injuries.

I know most of you are probably thinking what the hell does that have to do with Simba but to me it just clicked when I was watching the show. For each performance the production team, actors, dancers etc will all have to come together and form as one for the show to be a success and this is something Craig is trying to teach me. It doesn’t matter if on the range I flush every shot (obviously that helps) but if my body or my mind isn’t in the best shape or thinking positively then it doesn’t matter what my swing looks like. There are more factors involved and my plan is to analyse and improve in every area this winter so that next season my body is in the optimum condition to perform on any stage.

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